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In Team Pīwakawaka you will find the youngest members of Strath Taieri School. Just like our namesake we are cheeky and inquisitive. We love learning in a fun, curious and hands-on way. We have a strong emphasis on settling into school life, developing positive relationships with others and becoming self-managers. Team Pīwakawaka is taught by Miss Emma Howell four days a week. Miss Howell has strengths in structured literacy, numeracy and visual art. She loves mkaing all her learning experiences fun and hands-on for her little learners. Miss Howell's beginning teacher release day is covered by Mrs Bankshaw.

Every day we have core instruction in the following areas:

- Structured Literacy aimed at developing reading, writing and spelling skills


- Mathematics using Numicon


- Inquiry/Topic  which can range from Science to Health to Physical Education depending on our school focus and events.

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