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Team Ruru, named after the native New Zealand owl, also known as the Morepork, is taught by Mrs Katie Glass


Mrs Glass is an experienced teacher with a passion for teaching Maths and creative Art lessons. She works Monday to Wednesday. Mrs Glass brings a fantastic energy and enthusiasm into the classroom with her creative lessons, and caring nature. On Thursdays Mrs Bankshaw teaches Ruru, and on Fridays they join with Team Pīwakawaka.

In Team Ruru, they have a focus on developing not only the curriculum skills, but themselves holistically. Striving towards becoming the best versions of themselves, while embracing their individual uniqueness.

Every day we have core instruction in the following areas:


-Structured Literacy aimed at developing reading, writing and spelling skills


- Mathematics instruction often using Pr1me Maths


- Inquiry/Topic which we integrate into our literacy and numeracy curriculum


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