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We have a great team who are very dedicated to our school and ensure we have a great learning environment.

Our school is the pride of our team - pop in and say hello!

Principal: Mrs Lisa Bankshaw    

Team Pīwakawaka: (Year 0-2) Miss Emma Howell 

Team Ruru: (Year 3-4) Mrs Katie Glass 

Team Kārearea: (Year 5-8) Mrs Kirsty Lynch 

Office Administrator: Mrs Robyn Todd, 8.30am - 12.30pm

Teacher Aide: Zona Howell

Grounds Keeper: Mrs Beryl Marshall

Cleaner and Van Driver: Mrs Jeanette Taylor

Bankshaw, Lisa.jpg
Mrs Lisa Bankshaw
Howell, Emma.jpg
Miss Emma Howell
STS_KIRSTY (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Mrs Kirsty Lynch
Mrs Katie Glass
Mrs Robyn Todd
Miss Zona Howell
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